Tournament directors

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Juan Dada, Costa Rica
Mikan van Zanten, Netherlands
Edwin Schipper, Netherlands
Damian Hernandez, Mexico
Carolina Oña Vera, Belgie/Bolivia
Henk van de Meer Netherlands
Carola de Boer Netherlands
Machiel Koning Netherlands
Sergio Salinas, Bolivia
Jonathan Looman, Aruba
Martin Nilsson, Sweden
Maarten van der Meer, Netherlands

Schedules, tournament rules and information

In the game schedule you can find your name and the start time of your first match.

The start times are target times, it is possible that a match is delayed. It is also possible that a match is shorter or is canceled. Your match can then start earlier. We therefore request that you be ready to play and warmed up at least 30 minutes before the target time.

We have a tight schedule.

• Matches are played with 1 game up to 15 points.
• 15 minutes are reserved for each match.
• We immediately start with the match, you can warm up on a squash court.
• The loser is the referee for the next match.

We would also like to point out that the use of racquetball glasses is mandatory (we can borrow them if necessary). Your racket must also have the safety cord at the bottom of your racket.

We will stream the matches live via Facebook. If you object to this, please report this to the tournament management. We will take pictures during the tournament for our website and Facebook page. If you object to this, please report this to the tournament management.


Until Saturday,
Peter de Jong and Erik Timmermans
Phone: 06 50254882 or email:

 App for referee

We will try to use an app to keep score and feed the live score to the live Facebook stream, click to see demo.